Quality Assurance & Control System

1. Purpose

This procedure defines the responsibilities and authorities and describes the organization to ensure Hyundae Fitting quality system meets ANSI B16.5 & ASTM.


2. Organization

The organization structure within which the quality system is implemented is illustrated on figure.(right)

This organization structure delineates the level of authority and lines of communication within Hyundae Fitting including autonomy of quality control departments.


2-1. President

The President has the overall responsibility of all products manufactured by Hyundae Fitting, for management of Hyundae Fitting, and for the support and evaluation of the quality system.


2-2. Quality Assurance Manager

The Q.A manager shall be responsible for the overall Quality assurance activities.


Initiate action to prevent the occurrence of product non-conformity.

Initiate and record any product quality problems.

Initiate recommend or provide solutions through designated channels.

Verify implementation of solutions.

Control further processing, delivery or installation of non-conforming product until the deficiency of unsatisfactory condition has been corrected.


2-3. Production Management Manager (P/M Manager)

P/M manager responsible for the overall design activities and responsible for preparation and distribution of all design documents including drawings.

P/M manager is responsible for overall production activities.

P/M manager is responsible for overall general and initiation, procurement, control of material and supporting of the production activities.


2-4. Sales Manager

Sales manager is responsible for marketing, contract functions, customer interface control and communication.


3. Qualtiry Assurance Function

Persons performing quality assurance functions within the Q.A dept shall have sufficient authority and organizational freedom to;


Monitor all the activities affecting quality during facrication.

Identify, recommend and control quality problems.

Assurance compliance to the quality system manual through surveillance, monitoring and quality audits .

Verify code compliance through the perfomance of the specified inspection, tests and examination

Stop the further processing of nonconforming item, pending the disposition of the non conformance. .

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